Women at a Disadvantage in Starting a Business? Not So Says Female Business Owner

Women at a Disadvantage in Starting a Business- Not So Says Female Business Owner

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I know quite a few women who own a business. I know a lot. Today I was at the establishment of one and I had a little chat with her. I ask her if she thought it was harder for women to own businesses than men. She said without flinching, “No.”

What she said was that frequently it is in the head of the woman that she can’t do it. That’s what she said as a female business owner. We went on to have a very good conversation about a lot of things. This goes back to one of the things I always believe. If you think you can’t do it, you won’t do it.

Another thing she said is, sometimes your family is your worst enemy. They will either break you or make you. Once again, she owns a business and has for a while. She knows the landscape.

She started in real estate when she was 19. She said something else too that I thought was very important that I do agree with. A lot of this training starts early when you’re a kid.

She said we don’t use the word can’t in my house. This is what she is teaching her kids. We use the word “challenge” instead and say things like, “I require assistance?” or “Could you assist me?” I just listened to that and agree that it’s very important. We started talking about internal dialogue.

If you are a woman and you think you can’t start a business, you are 100% correct. If you are a woman and you think you can start a business, once again, you are 100% correct. What’s happening is there are a lot of assumptions being made by people. There are many people settling for bullshit and scraps of life versus doing the hard work so they can have a better life.

You can’t become the person you want to be by being who you are. If being who you are was good enough to get it, you would have what you want already. If you don’t have what you want, being who you are will not lead you to be who you want to be.

You have to change. You have to grow. You have to think differently to change your life.

Essentially, starting a business is not this mythical esoteric thing. It is having a service or a product and creating a transaction where you are paid. That’s it. The other stuff is peripheral. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want.

That’s the beginning. As it grows, things will change. If you want to grow yourself and build something, it’s going to take a different level of thought. It’s going to take a different level of action and accountability.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s no room on this channel for scared little bitches. None. Because if you are a coward, and continue to do things that you know are not right for you and your family and then whine about it, you are stacking bullshit on top of bullshit, and you wonder why your breath stinks.

I’ve looked at some things and I’ve examined a lot of social issues. People will say to me, “I’m just here for business advice.” If you’ve been paying attention, you know you have to know what’s going on in the world. You cannot live in a cave. You can’t be isolated.

I want you to be successful. Based on my journey, I don’t think success is going to come from you playing around on Facebook. It’s not going to come from you thinking about doing something. It’s going to come from you actually doing something.

All of this talk of disadvantaged groups, I think it is harmful. I didn’t think this way all of my life. I want you to be successful. I don’t want you to be at some job having your fucking soul sucked out of your body day by day by day. The Walking Dead is here. You see them. You see them shuffling around in the coffee shop or moving slow in the grocery store because 75% of their soul has been sucked out of them. They are just waiting to die.

You don’t want to be that person. No, you don’t. You shouldn’t be.

Will starting a business be easy? No. It may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your fucking life. It may test you on levels you’ve never been tested. At times, that business may kick your ass. It will make a better man or woman out of you. It will give you a new perspective. It will give you a new way of living.

I’m a college dropout. I’m not the smartest person in the room. I just work harder than most people. That’s it. You don’t have to be smart. Talent is overrated. Effort is underrated.

Starting today, I fucking challenge you to work as hard as you can on everything for the next week. Don’t coast on a fucking thing. At the end of that week, see what happens. I can guarantee you your life will be better.

Don’t believe me. Take the challenge. Go through that. If you are a woman please take some soap and wash that nonsense out of your head that you can’t be a business owner.

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