Working from Home the Truth – Hustlenomics

Working from Home the Truth – Hustlenomics

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Many people want to work at home. They want to be self-employed and to own a business. They have that thought and desire in their heart, but they never, ever make the decision. Then they end up being 90 years old with a pocket full of regrets.

At some point, you have to sit yourself down and say this is what I’m going to do with full vigor and gusto. You have to commit all of your abilities to the goal. Many folks are in that perpetual phase of “I want to start a business.”

Until I got laid off three times in an 18-month period, I was just like you. I bought into the narrative of having a job. For many people that works. It worked for a long time.

We live in an economy that threatens many fields’ viability. So many people are being disrupted. One thing I see is people being forced into entrepreneurship. Sometimes that is good and sometimes that is bad.

These people who are forced to start a business for survival purposes often struggle with motivation since starting a business wasn’t their first choice. Once the main problem is solved, they may go back into the work force as an employee. I see some people who go back and forth from employee to business owner due to this lack of commitment.

When you start a business because of a strong urgent desire to do so, it’s a different ballgame. I look at some of the most successful people in the world and many of them were driven by a strong desire to improve the world. Take Google for example. Their goal wasn’t to become a billion-dollar company. That wasn’t in their mission statement. Their mission was to index the world.

You have to have a compelling reason to start your business. If you don’t have one, then you will suffer from a lack of the required energy and resources required to survive over the long-term. Anyone can start a business for the first six months or a year. It is a statistical fact that so many businesses are gone by year five.

To compare and contrast, having a job today is also very hard. In my opinion, depending on your field, it is just as risky as starting a business. You can get laid off. You can be fired. The company can change their mission and decide they no longer need your services. It is not really a personal decision.

It’s not that you did anything wrong. That’s the thing that I think really trips up a lot of people. You do not have to do anything wrong. You don’t have to be late. You don’t have to be an underperformer. I was Salesman of the Month when I got laid off. That messes with you. It’s hard to reconcile in your mind because of the narratives we’re taught.

Understand, you have to make a decision from a really good place to become a business owner. Being broke is not actually a bad place to start a business. You can leverage that. But, understand it has to be a larger and bigger decision to motivate someone for the long-term. It has to be substantial. It has to be stuff that keeps you up at night because long-term is what you want.

When I was in the storage auction business, I noticed there were a lot of people who reached a certain level and stayed there. A lot of people said that was their personal decision. Bullshit. If you are in a position where you can make some serious cash and you don’t want to do it, there are other reasons. The reason is the narrative.

So many people think they can’t make a living with storage auctions because of the “If” factor. How I solved that problem was to simply run the numbers. I reasoned that I needed $3500 per month to live. I knew if I bought 10 storage units a month I’d earn between $2K and 6K. So, I decided I needed to buy 20 storage units a month to be sure I could pay my bills. It’s about volume and living within your means.

If you can get your bills down to $3K or $4K a month and have other resources such as a vehicle and space, you can make that very quickly in the storage auction game. Many people don’t look at it that way because they did not make the decision to go into the business. When you make a decision, it prompts you to look at other things more seriously.

I’m going to give you an example of a major decision that you’ve seen someone wig out over. Have you ever seen how people freak out the day of the wedding? Why? Because at that moment, that decision becomes extremely real. As long as it’s not real, you don’t have to deal with certain things.

My question to you is, what is your life worth? This is my personal philosophy. I’d rather fail massively than to win on a miniscule level. I can give you a quick lesson about failing massively. Everything goes wrong. Your house, your family and your money are all impacted. When that happens and you are able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, you become a force to be reckoned with. You know you can deal with adversity. It makes you confident. It improves your self-esteem.

Business is about people. It’s not about products. It’s about people. When you go ahead and think of business in these terms, you will be more and more successful.

Recently, I’ve done some things to make my business better. It’s going to sound crazy. I have purposefully driven off some people. I’ve said things to piss off people. I’ve made statements that caused people to unsubscribe from the channel. I realize that if someone has a problem with me, it doesn’t mean they are bad or good. It means we’re incompatible.

I would rather have 200 or 400 of the people who understand my message, who gets it, than 10,000 of the other kind. The other kind come and go. That group who gets it and are fed by the message, we’re compatible.

By running people off who were incompatible, I can now answer my emails. The people sending so many of the emails were not right for my business. I wasn’t the right business for their requirements. All money is not good. All clients are not good clients. It’s always good to have, “Fuck You” power. That is a wonderful place to be. I can tell someone who is trying to offer me $10K, “Fuck You.” I don’t need your money because you are a pain in the ass.

I like working with people who are energetic and hard working. I like to work with people who are trying to do something with their life. I don’t like working with whiners. I don’t like working with scared little bitches. I don’t like working with people who make excuses.

Before you start a business, you need to ask yourself, why am I doing this?

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