How to Write for Money – Script Your Day for Success

How to Write for Money – Script Your Day for Success

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You want to write out how you want your day to go. If you’ve got a big meeting that is coming up, write it out. This is something I have really started getting back to. When I was in sales, I used to do it all the time. Just like I am helping you, you’re helping me. As I go over the lessons and give them to you, I get them back.

When you sit down and write out your “perfect” day and what you want to have happen, you activate a different center in your mind. I’m going to give you an example of what I’m talking about. I’m a writer. I write on the computer. I used to do long-hand.

When you do long-hand writing, it’s a different groove. When you do it on the computer, it’s a different groove. This is where it gets tricky.

If I write something on the computer then I turn it into a Kindle file and read it on Kindle, it looks totally different. Every time you look at something from a different perspective, different parts of your brain come in to play.

When you write, you have to be deliberate. You have to have intention. You have to think, structure, then write. Now if you just do this on the computer, you are thinking and writing which is a totally different thought process.

Think about it. You can type much faster than you can write. It’s a different process. The process of thinking and typing is more fluid. The process of thinking, structure and writing takes more time when you do it on paper. But the time is well spent because you activate more core muscles in your cortex. You activate a lot of stuff “up in there.”

So, this is the deal with scripting your day. It’s going to take practice. If you’ve never done it before, it’s going to be weird. Consistency is key.

So, this is what you want to do. Take a sheet of paper. Turn the TV off. Turn the internet and phone off. You sit there and think about it. Today is such and such a day. How do I want this day to go? If you want everybody to smile and greet you, write it down. I’m serious.

I’ll give you an example. I wrote down that I am going to engage new people. Being specific is a big part of this. Normally, I’m a chatty guy, but I’ve climbed into my writer life and have become a little introverted. I know that’s not good in terms of marketing. It’s at odds, because you want people to come to you.

When I go out and eat, one of the things I do is chat up strangers. I want it to be natural. There was this chick the other day who was doing her Fantasy Football League on her iPad. When I saw that, I jumped in and we talked for 30 minutes. My whole point for bringing that up is to say that I created that intention and wrote it down, then it happened.

Understand. I think writing down your goals does work. Writing it down activates different muscles in your mental cortex. I’ve looked at stuff I’ve written down years earlier when I was moving and ran across it. What was interesting was all the stuff happened.

Writing stuff down helps you manage stress. One of the things about scripting your goals is that it calms down the anxiety. One of the reasons you have anxiety is because you don’t have a plan.

If you script your day, you will be more positive. You will learn to think. It’s very important.

Step #1 is you need a clean sheet of paper every day to script your day. Say there is a person that you are having a problem with. You write down on that sheet of paper something like this. “I and so and so will start to see eye to eye on many things.” Look at it and read it out loud. You will see things change, because what you have done is place a seed in your brain that activates something that helps to make that happen.

Step #2 – Let’s talk about the home life. Say you’re married and you and the spouse have not been getting along. Write down, “I love my spouse. I want the best for my spouse. I’m going to do things to make my spouse happy. We’re going to have fun as a couple again.”

Take that information and share it with your spouse. This is the rub; don’t require them to participate.

Step # 3 – You want to facilitate a new habit. “Today I am going to take my first step to start my new habit.” Write it down.

Step #4 – As you’re writing down your goals at the end of the week, look at your sheets and see what happened.

Another thing to do when you are scripting your days is to carry over important things from one day to the next. As you go through your day, X out if it happened. If you keep writing this stuff down, you will be amazed how it will change your life.

One of the things that happens when you do this is that you will start to take control of your mental environment. Make it a habit. In the beginning, it’s going to be janky, because you’ve never done it before.

I typically write slow. We live in a society where a lot of people don’t write. Be deliberate. You have to think, structure, then write. As you do this, you’re going to notice things change in your life. You’re going to think a lot clearer.

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