YouTube Dying, Trolls, Gangsta Talk, The New Show and Hustling for Beginners

YouTube Dying, Trolls, Gangsta Talk, The New Show and Hustling for Beginners

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Today is the first edition of the new daily show. I’m going to get into that. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe to the email list. It’s the first thing below because you’ll need to be on that list to take advantage of some things as we go forward.

Today’s topic is a big one. People are losing their minds. Some say YouTube is dying, and you can’t make any money on YouTube. You have a lot of people who are kind of losing it, which is really strange.

I’m going to tell you my story. I’m going to tell you why I don’t think YouTube is dying. I’m also going to tell you why I don’t think YouTube is going to have any real competition anytime soon. If you want to start a YouTube channel, go ahead and start it.

First thing. YouTube is not dying. It’s not close to dying. It’s the second largest search engine after Google.

For that reason alone, it is going to be really hard for someone to fuck with YouTube.

The number 2 reason is cost. No $50 startup is going to compete. No little apps are going to replace YouTube. When you want to learn how to fix an iPhone screen, where do you go? Facebook? No. You go to Google, then you go to YouTube.

If you want to learn how to do a certain kind of dance, if you want to learn about a new workout, where do you go? You go to Google and then to YouTube.

Do you see where I am going with this? It’s not going anywhere.

Let’s talk about the monetization policy. If you want to practice freedom of speech or edgier topics on YouTube, your chances of being recommended by the YouTube search engines could be in jeopardy. You are not going to get sponsored by ads. That’s not a problem if you are an organic hustler.

Question: What do you think about Facebook ads and using it to get customers?

Answer: Facebook ads can be very powerful if you know what you are doing.

Now, if you want to make money on YouTube, your best course of action is to sell your own thing, whether it’s a book, a course or whatever.

I’m going to show you how I used to keep track of my YouTube stats. This is a journal, right? (Glendon holds up a large journal to show the audience)

On 12/25/2010, I had 39,000 views for the month and I had 190,000 total views on the channel. That year, I made $90K.

So, if you have a product, a service and a targeted group, you can make a lot of money with low subscribers and not a lot of views. Here’s the thing with Facebook and YouTube. Facebook counts a view as three seconds. I believe Facebook ad views are vastly inflated.

I have started four brand new channels. You can watch me in this next year build them out. That shows my high level of confidence in the viability of YouTube.

I’m used to making a lot of money without sponsors. I don’t care.

I’m doubling down on YouTube. The live show is coming back. The goal is to do four streams this week.

A lot of the shows are going to be in different places. They’ll be some shows off the phone. I have an office. The goal is for the show to be in the office. I’m going to start the show as the office is being built.

You’ll get to see me build out Mack Daddy Media which is a video marketing consulting company.

I made a hire for a client yesterday. She started yesterday. Possibly next week, there will be two more hires, an artist and a writer. You’ll get to see those people. You’ll get to see the whole process.

You know I put on here about the troubles with hiring people. You don’t hear a lot of people talking about that.

If you want to do a YouTube channel, start one. It’s not going anywhere. For someone to seriously take on YouTube, they’re going to need a nut of $50 million or more because if you look at Snapchat or Instagram, their functionality is pretty singular. You take pictures; you post. They don’t have a whole lot of things going on.

I have well over 2000 videos across a few channels. If I had to pay the hosting for that and I’m going to go way back to 2009, I would be looking at $20K to $30K a month for the bandwidth.

That’s incredibly powerful. Plus, when you factor in the reach of YouTube, it’s incredible.

There’s another reason YouTube isn’t going anywhere. People are like… “Shit, I want to be put on. I want someone to see me. I want to get some fame.” They’re going to create YouTube channels.

In 2009, I had to use Hand Brake to crank down the encoding to upload the video to YouTube because my stuff was too big. YouTube does all that stuff automatically. If you had to make your video, render your video, code your video, do all that stuff, it’s incredibly time-consuming and expensive. So, they’re not going anywhere.

I’m going to create a Troll Hit Squad. Every time I have a live stream, there are going to be people on the Hit Squad that are going to get 20% off courses and stuff. You have to be an active member of the Hit Squad first. What haters do, because haters are a group of intellectually impotent people, financially impotent people, is they get joy out of destroying something because they can’t build. We are not going to have that.

Question: What’s the best way to finance a media venture?

Answer: Don’t finance it. Create it on your own and go as far as you can before you start throwing money at it.

Physical businesses are the quickest way to make scratch. If you build your physical business, it gives you skills to make money online.

My YouTube channels are segmented. With Personal Development for hustlers, there’s going to be some wild stuff on there. Rich Self Published Author, that channel with be about the writing process. Mack Daddy Media is a video marketing agency.

Writing online is not going anywhere. There’s a lot of older people that still like to read stuff.

When you go to I am Cameron, that is my fuckery channel. I’ll be talking about current events. I’ll be talking about crazy stuff.

Mack Daddy Media is going to be about all things digital. That’s about video marketing. That’ll be about creating courses.

Business School for Hustlers is going to be for seasoned business owners.

Make sure you subscribe to all of the channels because each channel is going to have different stuff. Be sure to get on my email list for updates to live streams and special offers. Subscribe today!


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