Zombie Economic Apocalypse – Will You Make the Cut or Be Shot

Zombie Economic Apocalypse – Will You Make the Cut or Be Shot

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There was an interesting Facebook conversation that was going on. It was about this movie named, Dead. Essentially, it is an apocalyptic type deal where the world goes to hell and they’re having these tribunals where you stand up and present your case why you should live or die.

There was this thing where this guy stood up and said “I am a published,” and then bam. Even before he got the word “poet” out, he got shot. I loved the conversation because we may not be going to science fiction level doom and gloom, but economically there are many people in similar situations. They may not be shot with a gun or stabbed or set on fire; however, it’s the same thing.

You step up to the tribunal looking for a job and they put the gun to your head and say, “No.” With no money, you’re dead. There’s this guy, his name is Andrew McAfee. He’s a professor at MIT. He and his partner do research on work. They were on 60 minutes and I followed the guy for a while. We’re heading into a situation where we aren’t going to need as many people to do things because of automation and the efficiencies created by technology.

This YouTube channel which I don’t take for granted, there’s over 1000 videos on this channel. I calculated the cost going back ten years. For me to do what I’ve done for sweat equity and roughly about $10,000 or maybe $15,000 for everything, including the music and the thumbnails I bought would have cost me $1.5 million if it weren’t for YouTube.

I want you to think about that. Ten years in the span of mankind is not a long time. If you’re a kid, ten years is forever. If you’re 60, ten years goes by in a flash. But, it is not a long time.

What’s happening with technology is the advancements are snowballing at a faster rate to the point where industries are created and billionaires are made and the business model is over in four to eight years. That is where we are. So, if you are going to the job tribunal, many people are finding out they are putting that economic gun to their head and going “Bam.” It’s increasing.

I talk to a lot of people and hear a lot of stories. I am a member of probably 35 Facebook groups. I’m very active in about 15. Day after day I see things that the average person doesn’t see. A lot of people are living in a bubble and they don’t know this stuff.

I’m seeing more and more people economically displaced. I’m seeing people shot during the economic apocalypse. Things aren’t as bad as they were in 2006 to 2012. It’s compartmentalized. For some people, it’s worse now than it was back then.

Some segments of the economy are booming. There are people in other segments of the economy who used to do well who are damned near bankrupt or about to lose their home. You’ve got to understand, hard work in the wrong area is a waste of time.

Many people can’t accept the party is over and some things are not coming back ever, ever again. Let’s just say you are going to the economic tribunal today. They are going to ask you what skills you have that will contribute to the economy. Ask yourself, if we got to that point, would you be one of the people still living or would you be one of the people shot in the head.

If you’re in that apocalypse world, resources are limited. You can’t waste resources on people who are not contributing. Now there is a modern-day parallel going on with that last statement, if you really think about it. Every time I say something like that I get accused of being a Republican.

My personal view is this. Both parties are fucking all of us. A lot of these people are friends and in cahoots.

Let’s go back to this apocalyptic scenario. Say you’re the chief of the village and there’s about 500 people in the village. These 500 people have to make the clothes and make the food. You’re the chief because you have certain skills. You know how to make bullets and you know how to kill animals and protect the village. You’re a very powerful dude because you’re a producer. Because you can produce something necessary, you have become rich in a barren world.

That same opportunity for the chief of the village exists for you today. Ask yourself, what can you bring to the table to keep your ass from being shot. It is really interesting because I’m an online guy now. In five years, I’ve made most of my income online.

The more you produce, the more money you can make. I produce a lot of stuff that doesn’t work. I put up webinars that fall flat. I put up videos that people don’t like.

What I’m telling you as you develop yourself, start doing more. Start putting more stuff out in the world because I didn’t know I could do this stuff. I didn’t know I could write books. It was all an experiment. Start doing stuff.

If you have this notion in your head of something you want to start. Do it. Try it. Even if you fail, you win.

One of the biggest barriers for people starting a business is fear. It’s not money. It’s not a lack of education. It’s fear.

The second barrier is too many financial barriers to free your time. Time is your most important resource to do something different.

I live simple for a reason. It gives me the time to do something. In 2012, I switched up my business model. I hired an assistant that came onsite every day and was doing a lot of social media. She came in six months straight. That was probably my worst year of doing this. The last part of the year, I was living on savings. I made a lot of mistakes in 2012.

The money I made in the first four months of 2012 was enough for me to live on because I did not have a lot of expenses. When you encumber yourself with stuff, it makes it very hard to start a business. So many people feel trapped like a rat. If you’re young, don’t go out and load yourself up with a ton of debt.

Start thinking about what you can do to serve your community. Don’t think about what you can do to get money. That is a different thought process. That’s a whole different level of hustling and entrepreneurship.

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